Ward Davison is a licensed attorney in the State of Texas. He graduated from of SMU's Dedman School of Law where he was one of ten students awarded the National Order of Barristers, given to students who demonstrate excellence in advocacy (trial).

His first job allowed him to supervise several dozen attorneys on one of the largest Anti-Trust cases of the decade. After an intense 18 months, he left his hometown of Dallas, Texas and moved to Austin to open his own Criminal Defense practice. There he quickly came under the tutelage of some of the most highly regarded criminal attorneys in Travis County.

While still enjoying the excitement that comes with daily commutes to the criminal courthouses, Ward devotes about half of his time to Business & Real Estate law. These often revolve around contract disputes, sales contracts and landlord/tenant or eviction issues. Each case is analyzed to determine of there are possible exemplary damages or some form of injunctive relief that can accomplish the client's goals. 

Ward maintains a presence in the community through his professional memberships, volunteering to teach Sunday School at Church, and supporting local businesses through patronage and providing pro bono services.



01. To Provide Quality Representation to Every Client.

I can guarantee that I will effectively press your objectives at every possible level. Of course, I cannot guarantee outcomes. But I promise to be responsive, knowledgable and creative in devising methods to achieve your goals. 

02. To Maintain High Ethical & Professional Standards.

While growing this business, it must remain one of our core principles to maintain unyielding ethical & professional standards. This must be true even at the cost of a short term profit. Long term success will only be achieved through maintaining a sterling reputation.

03. To Create and Maintain an Active Pro Bono Docket.  

I'll know when I've finally figured out this business when I can devote one afternoon a week to pro bono cases. While this may take some time to realize, by always keeping this goal in mind, it will help us concentrate on what is important in our profession. Namely, balancing the scales of justice.