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Ward is engaged in and passionate about learning. He would like to share some of what he has learned with you. Ward has written a number of articles for the Texas Bar Journal and spoken at education venues. 

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I'm Innocent! Now What?

Ward Davison and Hillary Hennessee collaborate to explain the role of expunctions and sealed records in the Texas Bar Journal. Congratulations! You hired a good criminal defense attorney. She fought for your rights. A jury of your peers found you innocent and now you are free to continue with your life. Or even better, your case was dismissed and you never even had to go to trial. Exceeeeppptttt…there’s still a record of your arrest for assault of a family member. This creates problems.


Ten Tenant Tenets

The landlord/tenant relationship is a special one. Most of the time there is harmony as the tenant is enjoying his or her stay at the landlord’s property. It’s fulfilling for the landlord to provide shelter for a member of the community while also making a tidy little profit. But like many good relationships, sometimes they go bad. And when this happens, the tenant is generally at a distinct disadvantage due to his or her lack of experience in the way land- lord/tenant disputes are resolved according to Texas Property Code Chapter 92. Read More


The Perfect Match. How to Choose an Attorney. 

How did you choose your favorite mechanic? Or your doctor? Do you have a favorite barbecue spot? When it comes to critical decisions in life (like barbecue), you have to shop around. Choosing an attorney that suits your needs is no different.


Consequences of Guilty

Too often my phone rings and someone says, “I was convicted of (insert petty crime here) seven years ago—can you help me get my record cleared?” The fact that this question is asked so often means that many people who plead guilty don’t understand that this plea could result in a final conviction. Because the criminal justice system relies on people making informed decisions, you are doing yourself an injustice if you enter a plea without fully understanding the consequences. 


House Hunters. How to buy your first home without making your first mistake

So, you want to own your place of residence…good for you! But first, take a beat. Be aware that there are more risks than falling behind on your mortgage. Understanding those risks and preparing for them will help you make better, safer choices and set your mind at ease.


Service Providers. How to get legal advice if you can't afford a lawyer

The old joke goes something like this: “Everyone hates lawyers, until they need one.” As a criminal defense attorney, I have heard the same thing said about police officers. And I’ve often heard the mantra about plumbers, electricians, foundation repair companies, drywall installers, roofers ... can you tell I’m restoring my home? The point is, paying for a service sometimes feels unnecessary because it’s not tangible.

Every now and then we desperately need the services of those same people but can’t afford them. 


Who Is MSB and Why Is My License Suspended? 

I hear it all day. Clients call in a panic: “Who is MSB? Why am I get- ting surcharges? My license is sus- pended! Why? What do I do? Why is this happening? I paid all of my tick- ets! Arrghhh!”

The State of Texas maintains a system by which it charges people with a driver’s license to keep their right to drive. How? Points and convictions are used to assess surcharges...


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